KOMUNIKASI BISNIS PEMASARAN ONLINE (Proses dan Strategi Pemasaran Online Bagi Pelaku Bisnis di Kota Kupang)

  • Yermia Djefri Manafe


Business communication which is built in the online shop-reaching not only limited to
correspondence and advertising that are likely to be persuasive, but also cover all aspects. Business
communication is done between humans, humans with institutions and institutions with an
institution related to the exchange of goods or services for profit. Business communications covers all
aspects of "how to receive, express and exchange ideas in business". Business communication
includes sending and receiving messages between people or within one or more environment with the
purpose of influencing behavior in an organization. This study was conducted to describe and
understand the process of business communication and online shop branding strategy in order to
maintain customer confidence for businesses in the city of Kupang.
Keywords : Communication, Business, Business Communication, Online Media, Online Business