• Leta R Levis Program Studi Agribisnis Fakultas Pertanian Undana
Keywords: empowerment, social security, community behavior, re-enforcement


This paper is an opinion writer about community empowerment. The purpose of the opinion is to provide readers with an understanding that empowerment is an activity that focuses on changing client behavior so that they are able to exploit their potential as well as various capital injections and external working methods so that they can increase production, income and welfare. So empowerment is very different from social security, which is assistance only to channel the prepared budget. The method used is literature review and field conservation of several empowerment programs. The data analysis method is descriptive qualitative. The results obtained are that the empowerment that has been implemented so far is still limited to social and political assistance, on the contrary, it is not based on planning to change the behavior of millennials so that they can get out

of underdevelopment and poverty.


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