Extraction and Characterization of Crop Oil from Seed Kernels of Feunkase (Thevetia peruviana) as Feedstock for Biodiesel Production

  • Suwari Suwari(1*)
    Nusa Cendana University
  • Herry Z. Kotta(2)
    Nusa Cendana University
  • Yohanes Buang(3)
    Nusa Cendana University
  • (*) Corresponding Author
Keywords: biodiesel, crop oil, Feunkase, feedstock, thevetia peruviana


The seed kernel of Feunkase (Thevetia peruviana) was extracted with n-hexane and methanol mixture in a soxhlet extractor. The optimum condition for extraction of the crop oil from the seed kernel of Feunkase using conventional soxhlet technique was studied. Solvents used weren-hexane and n-hexane–methanol binary solvent. The parameters investigated effecting the oil yield involved various solvent polarities, extraction time, and temperature. Each experiment was conducted in 250 cm 3 soxhlet apparatus. The extracted oil was analyzed to examine the physicochemical characteristic, included: density, kinematic viscosity, acid, iodine, and saponification value, and water content. The optimum conditions were found after 4.0 h extraction time, extraction temperature of 70o C, and n-hexane - methanol ratio of 50:50 (polarity index 3.30). The oil extract was found to be 46.84 ± 0.26%. The physicochemical properties of the extracted oil were density of  785 (kg/m3), viscosity of 0.68 (mm2/s), iodine value of 41.11 (g I2/100 g oil), acid value of 0.09 (mg KOH/g oil), saponification value of 108.4 (mg KOH/g oil), and water content of 0.034 (%). These results revealed that the crop oil from seed kernel of Feunkase is one of the potential feed stocks for biodiesel production.
Keywords: biodiesel, crop oil, Feunkase, feedstock, thevetia peruviana


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