Implementation Of Topsis Method In System For Selection Of Study Program At Universities In Sma Negeri 2 Kupang

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Yoshua Patriot Thundericco
Nelcy Rumlaklak
Tiwuk Widiastuti


Proceeding study to the college is something that most of twelfth grade students wants. However, they are still confused in chossing study program because due to not knowing their own aptitude and interest. To solve that problem, some factors are used, which are cognitive factor, by doing psychological test, and affective factor, by observing the tendency of their subjects in high school. Therefore, this research will design and develop a decision support system for study program determination in college using TOPSIS method. This method is chosen due to its capability in choosing best alternative out of multicriteria alternatives. Criterias that are used for this study includes Academic Criteria (Language, Logic, Science, Practice, and Social) and Aptitude Criteria (Intelligence, Space Reasoning, Mechanical, Abstract Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Numeric, Language Usage). The test is conducted through confusion matrix method. From 60 test-data, 13 data have difference between the system-result and real-result, thus the system is 78.33% accurate.


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Thundericco, Y., Rumlaklak, N., & Widiastuti, T. (2019). Implementation Of Topsis Method In System For Selection Of Study Program At Universities In Sma Negeri 2 Kupang. Jurnal Komputer Dan Informatika, 7(2), 162-171.


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