Author Guidelines

  1. The author must ensure that the material in the manuscript has never been published and or sent to other journals simultaneously.
  2. The author must ensure the authenticity of the work and make quotations correctly in accordance with the reference format.
  3. The author must ensure that all authors have agreed to the version of the manuscript submitted and listed as a joint author.
  4. The author must not be involved in plagiarism or self-plagiarism.
  5. The authors must follow the criteria described in the writing guidelines of the Timorese Journal of Public Health.
  6. Manuscripts received are manuscripts in English and Indonesian but prioritized for texts in English.
  7. The article length ranges from 10 to 15 pages
  8. Authors are not advised to publish personal information that can make a patient's identity identified in the form of a description, photo or genealogy section.
  9. The author must provide detailed data to the editor if there is a suspicion of data forgery.
  10. The author must clarify anything that might create a conflict of interest such as employment, research costs, consulting fees, and intellectual property in the documents in the Timorese Journal of Public Health form.
  11. The author is required to manage citations using Mendeley


Copyright Notice

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