Publication Ethics

The Timorese Journal of Public Health uses the guidelines issued by the Commission of Publication Ethics (COPE) in all aspects of publication ethics.

The Timorese Journal of Public Health requires all articles involving human subjects to respect the ethical principles of research as stated in the Declaration of Helsinki. Research involving animals as subjects is also required to comply with the International Principles for Biomedical Research issued by the International Council of Medical Sciences Organizations (CIOMS). For experiments involving human subjects, the authors must identify the committee that approved the experiment, and their submission must include a statement confirming that consent has been obtained from all subjects.

For research texts involving experiments on live vertebrates and / or higher invertebrates, the relevant authors should ensure that all experiments are carried out according to relevant guidelines and regulations. The manuscript must include a statement identifying the agency and / or licensing committee that approved the experiment, including any relevant details. Manuscripts that do not have proper ethical considerations on human or animal subjects will not be accepted for publication. All experimental animals must comply with institutional and national guidelines for the care and use of animal subjects, and these should be clearly stated in the manuscript. The manuscript should contain a statement suggesting all efforts are made to minimize animal suffering and reduce the number of animals used.