Sistem pakar mendiagnosa penyakit pada balita usia 0 – 60 bulan menggunakan metode Dempster-Shafer

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Jesica Cecilia Djami Manu
Sebastianus A S Mola
Adriana Fanggidae


Toddlers are susceptible to germs and viruses so that they are susceptible to various types of diseases because the immune system that has not been built properly. Most parents don't know about the symptoms and diseases suffered by toddlers, which is why sometimes the disease gets worse. The solution to the disease experienced by toddlers can be overcome is to take them to a hospital or health center. Binaus Health Center located in Mollo Tengah District, TTS Regency is one of the community health centers where most of the patients are toddlers. The obstacle of Binaus Community Health Center in operating is the specialist doctor of children or toddlers is not available, so an expert system was created as a media for consultation and monitoring of toddlers with the Dempster-Shafer Method whose end result was the diagnosis of diseases suffered by toddlers. Comparison of expert diagnosis results with expert systems obtained an average range of trust of 92.86% for appropriate testing experts above the threshold value and testing below the threshold value obtained miss-classification 7.14%. The expert system does not provide 100% results according to expert diagnosis not because of inference errors but the inappropriate value of expert density. Data testing based on case studies taken from medical record data at the Binaus Health Center, Kec. Mollo Tengah, Kab. TTS has a 100% accuracy rate.




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J. Manu, S. Mola, and A. Fanggidae, “Sistem pakar mendiagnosa penyakit pada balita usia 0 – 60 bulan menggunakan metode Dempster-Shafer”, jicon, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 45-52, Mar. 2020.


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