Aims and Scope

Journal of Health and Behavioral Science (JHBS) is an open-access journal, publishes research from various topics in psychology. We dedicated ourselves in developing psychology and behavioral sciences in the world, especially in the areas of:

  1. Health Psychology
  2. Clinical Psychology
  3. Psychology of Education
  4. Social and Community Psychology
  5. Developmental Psychology
  6. Cognitive Psychology
  7. Health Promotion and Community Health

JHBS publishes Regular Empirical Articles, Literature Reviews (e.g. scoping review, systematic review), Meta-analyses and Special Sections with a particular thematic focus. 

Articles published in JHBS were selected through a blind review process conducted by JHBS editors and reviewers. This process considers several factors such as the relevance of the article and its contribution to the development of psychological and professional practices and compliance with the requirements of the published article. Editors and reviewers provide constructive evaluations and suggestions for writers.

 Abstracting and Indexing Information

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