Online Submission

Before prepare and submit article manuscripts, please note that author(s) are discouraged from withdrawing submitted papers after it is in the publication process (review, copyedit, layout, etc.,). During the time, Haumeni Journal of Education had spent valuable resources besides time spent in the process.

Please prepare your manuscript before submission, using the following guidelines and the article template.

  1. Articles come from the results of research in the field of applied or mathematics education
  2. Articles have never been published and will not be published by journals or other published media.
  3. Written articles follow the template provided on article template . Articles written in Indonesian with times new Roman size 11 spaces 1.5 A4 paper size approximately 10 pages.
  4. Articles are supplemented with abstracts (in Indonesian and English) max 200 words and keywords written with times new roman size 10 spaces 1.
  5. The title of the article must be clear, concise and informative. The title of the article is made in Indonesian and English.
  6. Articles are typed using the MS-Word program and submitted at
  7. A brief bio about the author is included below the article title on the first page of the article.
  8. Articles use references from research results contained in the last 5 years journal.
    Article writers at least 1 people.
    The research article contains:
        a. Title
        b. Author's identity
        c. Abstract
        d. Introdaction
        e. Research methods
        f. Results and Discussion
        g. Conclusion
        h. Bibliography (further explanation is in the article template)