• Anthon Mesakh
  • Ricky Ekaputra Foeh
  • Struce Andriyani


Regardless of the risks, Forex business is a profitable business instrument. Foreign currency exchange is a trade
transaction of a country currency against other currencies (currency pair) that involves major financial markets
in the world for 24 hours, so it is possible to taking profits within 24 hours. George Soros said that Forex is the
greatest money-producing machine in the world and nothing else. Each trader is required to have the foreign
currency trading strategy to avoid the losses. In this study, researchers tried to compare between the strategies by
observing three most often strategies used by Forex traders namely ; the Martingale Trading Strategy, By News
Trading Strategy and Pending Order Trading Strategy. The population in this research are the infinite number
of Forex traders, but its nature is homogeneous. The sampling techniques used in this research is "simple
random sampling", which the number of samples drawn in this study are 6 people with details as follows: 2 for
the Martingale Trading Strategy, 2 for By News Trading Strategiey and 2 for Pending Order Trading
Strategy. Data collection techniques in the study using questionnaires and observation on the trading
transaction histories of each trader on Metatrader Software issued by forex company that the broker registered
and deposited their funds.
Keywords : Forex, Trader, Trading Strategy, The Martingale Trading Strategy, By News Trading Strategy,
Pending Order Trading Strategy