ANALISIS FAKTOR PENUNJANG DAN PENGHAMBAT PENGEMBANGAN OBJEK WISATA (Studi Pada Objek Wisata Alam Bola Palelo, Kecamatan Mollo Tengah, Kabupaten Timor Tengah Selatan )

  • Marlin Rosanti Mellu(1)
  • Juita L.D. Bessie(2)
  • Tobias Tokan Bunga(3*)
  • (*) Corresponding Author


This research aims to analyze the factors that support and hinder the development of natural tourism
attraction Bola Palelo Subdistrict Mollo Central, South Central Timor Regency. Sampling technique
used was purposive sampling by taking 15 people key informant and use descriptive analysis method.
Based on the research results then summed up the factors that support the development of a natural
Bola Palelo include the attractiveness, accessibility and marketing. As for the factors that impede the
development of Bola Palelo include some aspect, the infrastructure aspect, the aspect of
governance/infrastructure, aspects of the community that includes the environment and culture,
institutional aspects, aspects management, entrepreneur as well as aspects of aspects of research and
development. Based on the conclusions above, the advice given was the need to build Tourism Office of
coordination with the Government District, the village and the landowner in order to get a permission
to develop Bola Palelo as well as with the attention of the Government to put forward the tourism sector
needs to be focused on the development of the potential of natural tourist attractions so as to attract
other sectors to engage with addressing the factors restricting the development of Bola Palelo with how
to provide such as a hut/shelter, restrooms and vending lapak (food and crafts typical of the local
community) around the site of the natural attractions , coordinate with the Office of Public Service
Departement to improve the infrastructure of highway that crosses Bola Palelo, utilizing the
governance/infrastructure (irrigation systems, electricity and energy sources as well as network, system
and transport lines terminal, communication systems and security or surveillance systems) that have
been available when it is about to develop these natural attractions, increase public awareness of the
benefits of tourism by socialization directl, and to build a good coordination between Dispar with the
Government District, the village government and land owners in order to get the permissions
management as well as the acquisition of land from the owner of the land so that it can be developed by
involving employers in provide relief funds as well as help manage Bola Palelo and work together with
the academia in terms of research in the natural tourism object location so that the development can go
according to plan.
Keywords: Complementary Factors, Factors Restricting and Natural Attractions


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Rosanti Mellu, M., Bessie, J., & Tokan Bunga, T. (2019). ANALISIS FAKTOR PENUNJANG DAN PENGHAMBAT PENGEMBANGAN OBJEK WISATA (Studi Pada Objek Wisata Alam Bola Palelo, Kecamatan Mollo Tengah, Kabupaten Timor Tengah Selatan ). Journal of Management : Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), 7(2), 269-286.

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