Publication Ethics Statement

Duties of Authors:

  1. Accurate Reporting: Authors must provide an honest and accurate account of their research, avoiding any manipulation or fabrication of data. The manuscript should have enough detail and references for others to replicate the work.

  2. Originality and Plagiarism: Authors must ensure their work is entirely original and not simultaneously submitted to multiple publications. They should appropriately acknowledge and reference previous relevant work.

  3. Avoiding Multiple Publications: Authors should not submit the same manuscript to multiple journals simultaneously. If multiple publications arise from the same research, they should be clearly identified.

  4. Acknowledging Sources: Authors should acknowledge all sources of data and influential publications in their research.

  5. Authorship Transparency: Authorship should accurately represent individuals' contributions to the study. Only those who significantly contributed should be listed as authors, with others acknowledged appropriately.

  6. Conflict of Interest Disclosure: Authors must disclose any financial or substantive conflicts of interest that could influence the results or interpretation of their manuscript.

  7. Addressing Errors: If a significant error is discovered, authors should promptly inform the journal editor and work with them to correct or retract the paper.

  8. Identifying Hazards: If the research involves hazardous materials or procedures, authors must clearly state this in the manuscript.

Duties of Editors:

  1. Publication Decisions: Editors make decisions based on the review reports, considering the significance of the work and adhering to legal requirements.

  2. Review Process: Editors should ensure fair and objective evaluation of manuscripts, using peer review appropriately. They should select reviewers with expertise and avoid conflicts of interest.

  3. Fair Treatment: Manuscripts should be evaluated without bias based on author characteristics. Editors must uphold editorial independence and integrity.

  4. Confidentiality: Information about submitted manuscripts must be kept confidential, and data protection and patient confidentiality must be ensured.

  5. Conflict of Interest Disclosure: Editors should not use unpublished materials for their own research without written consent. They should not be involved in decisions if they have a conflict of interest.

Duties of Reviewers:

  1. Confidentiality: Reviewers must keep manuscript information confidential and only discuss it as authorized by the editor.

  2. Source Acknowledgement: Reviewers should ensure authors acknowledge all data sources and identify relevant published work.

  3. Objective Review: Reviews must be objective, with clear arguments and constructive feedback to help authors improve their manuscript.

  4. Conflict of Interest Disclosure: Reviewers should not consider manuscripts if they have conflicts of interest with the authors, companies, or institutions involved.

  5. Timeliness: Reviewers should respond promptly and inform the editor if they need more time or if they cannot review the manuscript