• Maria S. M. Sawu(1)
  • Febri O. Nitbani(2)
  • Reinner Ishaq Lerrick(3*)
  • (*) Corresponding Author
Keywords: essential oils, Stahl distillation, Melaleuca cajuputi Powell


Analysis of essential oil contained in Flores’s Melaleuca cajuputi Powell leaves has been done over GC-MS spectrometer. By distilling of the pre-dried leave samples using Stahl apparatus, there was 3% of colorless and cajuputi typical oil yielded. The GC-MS detected 16 compounds mainly 63% of 1,8-cineol, 11% of α-terpineol, and 12% -terpenylacetate.


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Sawu, M., Nitbani, F., & Ishaq Lerrick, R. (2018). ANALISIS MINYAK KAYU PUTIH (Melaleuca cajuputi Powell) ASAL PULAU FLORES. Chemistry Notes, 1(1), 15-23.

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